Division of Applied Mathematics,
Faculty of Physics, MSU

Conference "From Atom to Galaxy - 2019"



58 years ago the first human made his space flight. Before that people could only drean about trips outside our planet. There were fantastic books about it. The pupils of such times read them, and after years they become famous scientists and realised such dreams making new technlogies.

From 2016 we see on our conference different boys and girls, which are interested in fundamental research and in new technologies. Most of them present their own ideas to solve important problems, demonstrate high level of theory, demonstrate that they are ready to create new approaches. Sometimes their ideas seem unreal - but the first flight of the human could be thought fantastic, too.

We believe that the pupils which present their works on our conference, will become famous physicists, astronomers, mathematicians, biologists etc. Especially we take care about works that use computer methods in natural sciences.

Video of Moscow Educational TV about 3rd Conference.

The conference will take place in Romanov School on 5th April (Moscow, Bolshoy Kondratyevsky lane). The works will be evaluated by professors of Lomonosov Moscow State University and another high qualified specialists. Best works will be awawded by diplomas and prizes.

We invite pupils which have prepared projects and researches in maths, physics, astronomy, chemistry, engineering, biology, physical geography. To take part in the conference it is necessary to registrate via electronic form and to send a DOC abstract (1-2 pages including theme of the work, name of author and supervisor, aims and problems, methods, main results, conclusion and references).

The work should have a presentation of 15 - 20 slides.

All questions could be asked via email:

Program of the conference